RPK Light Machine Gun

Type: Light Machine Gun

Nations: Russia, East Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Vietnam, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Nigeria, Somalia +

Branch: Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces

Time Period: 1961- present (2021)

Conflicts: Vietnam War, Yom Kippur War, Lebanese Civil War, Afghan Wars, Gulf War, Yugoslav Wars, Global War on Terror, Iraqi Conflict, Syrian Civil War +

Other Names: AK, AK-47

Cartridge: 7.62x39mm

Info: The RPK is the light machine gun variant of the AK pattern rifle. It was designed to replace the RPD light machine gun and standardize Russian arms manufacturing. The differences between an RPK and a regular AK rifle include a reinforced bulged trunnion, a thicker and longer barrel, a club shaped shoulder stock, modified sights and the inclusion of a bipod. The RPK accepts standard AK pattern magazines as well as drum magazines. The RPK was used by Soviet forces and adopted by Soviet allied nations in 1961 and can still be seen in use today.