Smith & Wesson Model 3 (Nickle)

Type: Revolver

Nations: United States, Russia, Japan, Canada, Spain, Argentina, Ottoman Empire, Australia +

Branch: Armed Forces, Law Enforcement

Time Period: 1868- 1910s

Conflicts: American Indian Wars, Russo-Turkish War, Spanish American War, Philippine American War

Other Names: Schofield

Caliber: .44 Russian, .44 S&W, .38 S&W, .44 Rimmed, .44-40 Winchester, .45 Schofield, .32 S&W

Facts: The primary competitor to Colt revolvers of its time, the Smith and Wesson No. 3 revolver uses a break open top allowing for easier access to the cylinder for loading, unloading and even replacing. The Smith & Wesson No. 3 was also the first handgun standardized by the US military to use a metallic cartridge.