QGF02 Helmet (Type 07 Universal Cover)

The QGF02 helmet is a Chinese composite material copy of the United States’ PASGT helmet. The QGF02 has been used by the Chinese military since about 1994 when it replaced the GK80 steel helmet. This QGF02 is covered with a Type 07 Universal camouflage helmet cover. It has been seen in use by all Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) forces at one point or another, but more specifically by the People’s Liberation Army Ground Forces or PLAGF.

This helmet set up is appropriate for use by the Chinese PLA and PLAGF in a transitional environment from about 2009 to present (2020). It should be noted that in 2019, new Chinese camouflage patterns were revealed and have began phasing out the Type 07 family of camouflage.