M1C Vietnam Paratrooper Helmet (Mitchell Cover)

The 1964 variant of the M1C paratrooper helmet used by US Airborne forces in the Vietnam War (1955-1975) from 1964 until its replacement by the PASGT helmet in 1983. Prior to 1964, M1C helmets were equipped with WWII or Korean War styled resin fiber paratrooper liners. The Mitchell / Vine Leaf pattern Helmet cover was introduced in 1959.

The 1964 pattern M1C paratrooper helmet utilizes a molded plastic liner with adjustable head depth suspension, sweatband, nape cup and “A yokes” for a buckle-on web chin-cup specific to paratroopers. Prior to the ’64 pattern, the liners used were similar or the same to those used in WWII and Korea. The steel shell is equipped with an OD buckle-on chinstrap with safety ball detent and hook. It is also covered with a reversible Mitchell / Vine Leaf pattern helmet cover with an elastic band.