FAST Ballistic Helmet, PVS-31 and Peltors (AOR-1 Cover)

An Ops-core ballistic FAST styled helmet with an AOR-1 helmet cover used by Navy SEALs from about 2009 to present (2020).

this helmet comes with PVS-31 night vision goggles on a Wilcox L4 G24 style mount, battery pack, Peltor headsets with rail adapters and an S&S Manta IR Strobe. These style of helmets were first issued around 2009 and can still occasionally be seen today with both US forces and foreign forces. The AOR-1 Cover is specific to US Navy SEALs. The high cut ballistic helmet allowed the wearer to comfortably wear hearing protection and have a light weight helmet while still being able to adequately protect the wearers head.