Chest Rig and Helmet Set (AOR-1)

An AOR-1 chest rig and helmet set used by US Navy SEALs from 2009 to present (2020)

The chest rig is an RRV chest rig camouflaged in AOR-1 equipped with an elastic triple rifle magazine pouch, machinegun belt or general purpose pouch, radio pouch equipped with a PRC-152 radio, dump pouch and an admin pouch attached to the upper chest. Other accessories include infrared glowsticks or chemlights, a tourniquet, a U-94 style push-to-talk attached to the radio and an infrared American flag patch attached to the admin pouch.

The Ops-Core style ballistic high-cut helmet includes an AOR-1 cover, PVS-15 night vision goggles, a Peltor style headset attached to the helmet rails and push-to-talk, and an MS-2000 infrared signaling strobe.