Paraclete RAV (Coyote Brown)

The Paraclete RAV (Releasable Armor Vest) is an armor carrier with a quick release system that bolds both ballistic hard plates and ballistic soft armor. The carrier is covered in MOLLE allowing you to attach a variety of pouches. The RAV is very similar to the MTV (Modular Tactical Vest) used by the United States Marine Corps since about 2006. The RAV can be seen in use by a variety of Special Forces and Contractors as well.

This armor carrier is equipped with a triple rifle magazine “kangaroo” pouch, a double pistol magazine pouch, radio pouch with a PRC-152 radio, 2.5 liter hydration pouch, buckled general purpose or medical pouch, and a kydex pistol holster mounted to the upper chest. Other accessories include a U-94 style push-to-talk connected to the radio, and a tourniquet.